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12/19/2008:  Welcome *L.T.K*Rascal to our clan!
11/22/2008:  Welcome *L.T.K*.450magnum to our clan!
10/25/2008:  Welcome to *L.T.K*JOHNSTONE to our clan!
10/14/2008:  *L.T.K* versus USMC video Demo (instructions)
10/08/2008:  *L.T.K* versus TTK video demo (instructions courtesy of *L.T.K*Feelgood)
10/02/2008:  *L.T.K* versus TKF video (instructions)
09/27/2008:   *L.T.K*3 Psychostat Statistic link.
08/07/2008:  New Half Life Link courtesy of *L.T.K*DR FEELGOOD:  Mac's Deathmatch
07/13/2008:  July 2008 Map Inventory List: Excel| PDF| Notepad
07/13/2008:  Banned PDF File | Excel File
07/09/2008:  Welcome our newest member *L.T.K*KTMguy
07/07/2008:  Rapidshare Half Life player models.
06/30/2008:  *L.T.K* Server 1 July 2008 Map Cycle
06/22/2008:  Sound "key" words for LTK Servers.
06/22/2008:   New link for HellsHalfAcre <HHA> forum.
06/20/2008:  *L.T.K* Map Inventory: Excel File| Notepad PDF
05/05/2008:  *L.T.K* Server 2 is now predominantly a "public" server.
05/03/2008:  New Psychostat Statistics link for *L.T.K* Server 2.
04/20/2008:  LTK 1 Server Map Cycle April 2008
04/06/2008:  Welcome *L.T.K*KansasCity to our clan!
03/30/2008:  New Half Life Link:  DocRock's Half-Life 1 & 2 DeathMatch Maps
03/22/2008:  Map Inventory List: Excel file PDF Notepad Wordpad
03/21/2008:  Bunny hopping & Scripting in *L.T.K* Servers. Script "Management"
03/16/2008:  *L.T.K* Clan fight stats March 16, 2008.
03/12/2008:  New *L.T.K* Clan Membership Application.
03/01/2008:  Pigstat Statistics now available for Server 1.
02/25/2008:  Welcome to *L.T.K*sewerworker to *L.T.K* Clan!
02/10/2008:  Latest *L.T.K* Clan Map Inventory List: Excel File PDF File Text File
02/07/2008:  New Psychostat Player Statistic Link for *L.T.K* Clan Server 3
02/03/2008:  New Pigstat Statistics Link for LTK3 Game Server--large file may take up to a minute to load.
01/20/2008:  New Support Page added to website.
01/19/2008:  Custom Spray Information by *L.T.K*Feelgood
01/18/2008:  Welcome to *L.T.K*D DAY & *L.T.K*tecate new clan members!
01/17/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*razorrunt & *L.T.K*Booyakasha our newest clan members!
01/13/2008:   "Sound" Information for playing Half Life on LTK Servers. More info on forum More Comments.
01/06/2008:  Our websites, map downloads and forum have been down the last day because of a security breach.  We think it is fixed now and apologize for any inconvenience.  More Info.

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