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12/26/2007:  Latest Map Cycle Inventory.
12/24/2007:  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Happy Holdiays from *L.T.K*Clan.
12/19/2007:  New Forum Link: www.LTKforum.LTKClan.org/phpBB3
12/11/2007:  Welcome *L.T.K*DR FEELGOOD to LTK!
12/09/2007:  *L.T.K*Clan now owns the domain name: www.LTKClan.com
12/08/2007:  *L.T.K*Clan Website hosted by: Banner
12/06/2007:  Click on this link to vote for *L.T.K*Clan as best Half Life Site.  
12/04/2007:  Several new Half Life Links.
11/16/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*Dave our newest clan member!
11/15/2007:  How to play wav file for your team during game.
11/07/2007:  alliecatsrevenge maps & models
11/06/2007:  Multi Kill sound files (rar) these wave files should be placed in the: [valve\sounds\misc subdirectory]| Individual files: godlike| monsterkill| killingspree| multikill| ultrakill| sounds text  right click and left click "save as"
11/04/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*Bonnie & *L.T.K*Clyde our newest clan members!
10/31/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*Outch our newest clan member!
10/29/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*AV8OR & *L.T.K*Meltdown1220 our newest clan members!
10/18/2007:  Latest Map Inventory October 18, 2007:  Excel File Notepad
10/13/2007:  $403.20 just paid to renew LTK Server 1 hosting service for one year.  Thank you for your support!
10/13/2007:  October 2007 LTK Server 1 Mapcycle.
09/23/2007:  Congraulations LTK vs. FFK!
09/13/2007:  Latest map inventory: Excel File| PDF File
08/27/2007:  LTK wins over GTS in final STX match!  Has four total wins in first participation in tournament.
08/17/2007:  Website & Forum down last day or so due to server problems/update at 1&1 Hosting Service.  Hopefully it is fixed now.   
08/10/2007:  New Half Life link:  Clan FFK French Fighter Kampers.
08/06/2007:  Welcome to *L.T.K*Graeme43 our newes member!  Location map.
07/30/2007:  Server 3 Mapcycle List
07/13/2007:  Congratulations to *L.T.K*tommytoad on his high player ranking!
07/03/2007:  Server 1 July 2007 Map Cycle list.
06/21/2007:  New Half Life link from tommytoad: Cyber Marines Top 100 Game & Clan Sites
06/15/2007:  LTK Clan has second STX win!
06/10/2007:  Welcome *L.T.K*Dragon_Storm to our clan!  Location Map
05/29/2007:  LTK Clan has first STX Win!
05/01/2007:  STX Schedule
04/30/2007:  LTK Server 1 Mapcycle
04/22/2007:  Welcome *L.T.K*Undead to our clan!  Location Map
04/20/2007:  Welcome *L.T.K*(******OY******) our newest clan member!  Location Map
04/16/2007:  Latest Map Inventory & Server Map Cycle Lists.
04/06/2007:  Over 10,150 unique Steam ID's have visited LTK Servers.
03/24/2007:  Mid March/April Map Cycle.
03/23/2007:  European Half Life Server 3 IP address:
03/22/2007:  New PayPal donation option added to website.
03/22/2007:  Welcome to our latest member *L.T.K*The Boy.
03/12/2007:  New European based LTK server coming soon.
02/28/2007:  Screenshot Horizontal format index added.
02/23/2007:  *L.T.K* Clan Server 1 & 2 Map Cycle:  March Map Cycle List text document.
02/17/2007:  Budzilla has updated our forum to the most secure newest version.  Thank you Bud from *L.T.K*!
02/16/2007:  New *L.T.K* Clan Server 2 is an 8 person Half Life Death Match Server running Sev's mod with 3 bots.  The server IP is: and the password is: ltk   See Game Server page for more information.
02/15/2007:  Banned Player Information.
02/15/2007:  *L.T.K* Clan will soon have a new 8 player password protected Half Life game server to test new maps and to improve the function of our public server.
02/09/2007:  Forum changed to:  http://www.LTKforum.LTKClan.org/phpBB3.  Change your bookmark.
02/06/2007:  Map Inventory ListExcel File 103 KB PDF 54 KB
02/02/2007:  Submit your email address to tk25@LTKClan.org to get latest news information.
02/02/2007:  February 2007 Map Cycle List New Half Life Map Cycle Archive.
02/02/2007:  The forum is back up and running at Fat Pipe Hosting.  We don't know if we exceeded our bandwidth or if there were other intrinsic problems with "Fat Pipe".  Will keep you posted on forum transfer ultimately to 1&1.
01/31/2007:  The forum is down because of our success.  We exceeded our available bandwidth.  We are in the process of moving the forum to our regular server 1&1 which has more then enough available bandwidth.  When this is done we will probably have a fresh start with none of the old data.   The forum may be running again tomorrow on the old server.  We will keep you posted.
01/19/2007:  Welcome *L.T.K*Great-Grandma & *L.T.K*Great-GrandPa our newest Clan members! USA Member Map
01/14/2007:  January 10, 2007 Map Cycle List
01/13/2007:  *L.T.K* Skin Screenshot
01/13/2007:   See the Half Life Map Screenshots.
01/08/2007:   www.LicenseToKamp.com  has same content as www.LTKClan.org

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