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Half Life map download site: www.maps.ltkclan.org/zipfiles/

*L.T.K* versus USMC video Demo (instructions)

*L.T.K* versus TTK video ( instructions courtesy of *L.T.K*Feelgood)

*L.T.K* versus TKF video ( instructions)

MAP INVENTORY LIST Archive: Latest Excel File PDF

Server Map Cycle Archive



Sounds:  Multikill etc. sounds (rar) wave files should be placed in: [valve\sounds\misc] subdirectory | Individual files: godlike| monsterkill| killingspree| multikill| ultrakill| sounds text file right click and then left click "save as" on individual files.


*L.T.K* Skin 357Kb *L.T,K* Skin Screenshot| alliecatsrevenge  click on maps & models

If you are tired of seeing the *L.T.K* team as that orange helmet guy then download our skin.  The modifications to the classic bond skin is by *L.T.K*Ooops.  To install the skin download *L.T.K* Skin and copy it into the \half-life\valve\models\player\LTK subdirectory on your computer.   the half-life subdirectory is located where your steam subdirectory is located.  For example,  tommytoad's installation is as follows:   

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\tommytoad@LTKclan.org\half-life\valve\models\player\LTK

Yours will  probably be close to the same except, of course, replace your steam registered account where tommytoad's email address is.  Note that you will need to create the LTK subdirectory.  Be sure to put it under player!  A common mistake is to put new models under the models subdirectory rather than the models\player subdirectory.  If you do this you won't be able to display the *L.T.K*Skin.


*L.T.K* Contact: gratch@ltkclan.org | Website Administrator: tk25@LTKClan.org